Our Favorite Paddles for Beginners

SLK Evo Hybrid 2.0

This is Selkirk’s entry level paddle for players who want quality. This paddle is built specifically for the new players who want all the technology and performance without breaking their budget.

HUDEF Viva Pro

This paddle has everything you could want in a paddle for a price that is simply incredible. A gritty face using Toray 700 carbon fiber, thermoformed edges injected with foam, and a bright red edge guard to keep it all secure. This is a steal at this price!

Franklin Signature Pro

This is the OG paddle on our list, it wasn’t too long ago the best players in the world were playing this paddle. Sure, technology has emerged, but this paddle is still a great one and at the price, one you will be happy to play with as you continue on your pickleball journey.

Paddletek Anna Leigh Waters TS-5

This is the paddle the number one female in the world, Anna Leigh Waters, started with and until just recently has played with throughout her career. If this paddle is good enough for Anna Leigh, you better believe it’s good enough for you!