Our Favorite Paddles for Control

JOOLA Collin Johns Scorpeus

The Collin Johns model is 16mm thick, providing a little more touch than the Anna Bright model, which is 14mm. The carbon fiber face and 16mm core provide more than enough touch and control to reset even the hardest drives that come at you.

Selkirk LUXX Control Air S2

This paddle feels unlike any other paddle on the market. This edgeless, 20mm Luxx provides incredible touch and feel. This is the best control we have ever experienced in a paddle and will make your drops and resets things of beauty.

Diadem Edge 18K

You can see by just looking at the Diadem Edge 18K that there is something different about the texture of the surface. 3D 18K carbon fiber with a tria-xle weave provides maximum spin no matter the angle at which you hit the ball. This paddle is for all you control freaks out there!