Our Favorite Paddles for Power

Vanguard Power Air S2

Selkirk’s iconic paddle with the AirDynamic open throat design hits hard, but also manages to have plenty of spin and control. The surface of the face is a combination of carbon fiber and fiberglass, providing the best of both worlds.

Prokennex Black Ace Pro

If you want unadulterated power, look no further than the Black Ace by Prokennex. This paddle hits as hard as any we have ever played. Built with Kinetic Technology to reduce elbow pain and injury, this paddle will strike fear in your opponents when you come to the net.

JOOLA Ben Johns Perseus

One of our favorites. This paddle has it all, great touch and all the power you will ever need to put balls away. Ben Johns uses it and while you might not play like Ben Johns, at least you can play with his paddle.

Holbrook Power Pro

If you loved the Mav Pro, just wait till you get your hands on the new PowerPro. What makes this Holbrook even more interesting is it comes in 12mm, 14mm, and 16mm thickness, so if you are looking for more pop, go with the 12mm. If you want the most touch, go with the 16mm. And if you want the best of them both, split the difference and go with the 14mm.

ACE Diamond

This is the paddle that Gabriel Joseph plays. The kevlar honeycomb core and 10mm design give every shot you hit the potential to be a winner. So much power and the gritty carbon fiber face allows you to control the ball with precision.