Our Favorite Paddles for Value

HUDEF Viva Pro Gen2

The Viva Pro was a breakthrough, then they improved upon its success and created the Gen2. Unibody construction, thermoformed with foam injected into the edges and through the handle, and a gritty T-700 carbon fiber face make this paddle an absolute steal for the price.

SLK Halo

This is the paddle Parris Todd plays and we can see why. It comes in both 13mm and 16mm. It is a sandwich construction, carbon fiber providing amazing touch without sacrificing any of the power, particularly in the 13mm. Selkirk could charge double for this paddle and no one would be surprised, we sure are glad they priced it as they have.

best seller

ACE Club

It’s not a surprise to see pros like Anderson Scarpa and Taylor Garcia playing with the Club. This paddle is thermoformed, 16mm core with T700 carbon fiber, and provides all the pop and control you could ever want. What you wouldn’t expect is the price point, this paddle at this price is a steal!

Vatic V7

Vatic has made a fantastic paddle in the V7. Much like the rest of the paddles in our value section, this paddle is thermoformed, uses T700 carbon fiber, and has a 16mm core. We think this is a great paddle and for the price, a great deal.


Electrum Model E 16mm

Electrum has released the Model E Elite, which means they slashed the price on the OG, the Model E. This was the paddle that sparked the elongated, 16mm carbon fiber craze. While newer paddles might steal the headlines, the Model E is the steal of a deal.