Bernhard Langer will Miss the Masters Due to Pickleball Injury

A golf ball rests on the ground with a club close by

(Image: La Presse)

Two-time golf champion Bernhard Langer will miss this year's Masters event for only the second time in 40 years due to an Achilles tendon tear sustained while playing pickleball.

We guess he wanted to keep that last part a secret for a while. When he first announced the injury last month, he said it was sustained during a "training exercise." 

Side note: if pickleball trains you for golf, we should all expect to receive invites to next year's Masters. But I digress.

Langer admitted it was actually due to a pickleball injury on a recent Musings on Golf podcast episode.

"I play all sorts of sports to stay fit, and this was part of my fitness regime. I was playing pickleball and somebody was trying to lob me. I did a few steps backward and hit an overhead, and as I landed on the ground with my feet I heard this huge pop, very loud, like a gun shot. I knew right away it was a torn Achilles."

Langer had surgery and expects to recover in time to play in May events.

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