Carl Schmits: Delamination Dilemma

Carl Schmits, the USA Pickleball’s Managing Director of facility development and equipment standards sits down with Jason Aspes to discuss all things paddles. From delamination, testing on the tours, to the new EVA paddles, and advancements in sound dampening technologies. Carl is one of the most knowledgable people in the world when it comes to paddle technology and where things are headed.

0:00 Introduction

2:00 Carl’s background

4:15 Delamination

6:45 Thermoforming and frame tension

10:15 Manufacturing improvements

11:30 Update on testing of paddles

17:00 How prevelent is the problem?

19:00 Dangerous speeds

20:45 Measurements and data of paddle speeds

23:25 Concept paddles and EVA foam

25:00 Seal of USAP approval

28:45 What is a legal paddle?

33:00 Quiet paddles

36:30 Quiet ball technology

38:45 Legal liability for manufacturers

42:45 Noise reduction at facilities

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