Lunch Game: Ben Johns

Jared and Jason from The Kitchen take on top professional pickleball players and celebrities in the series, Lunch Game. In this special episode of Lunch Game, Jared and Jason take on the greatest pickleball player of all time, at the height of his ability and fame, world #1, Ben Johns. Along with PPA founder, Connor …

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Unboxing: The Spade from ACE Pickleball

Jason Aspes from The Kitchen unboxes the brand new Spade from ACE Pickleball. This is the flagship paddle from ACE Pickleball is made with the best in class carbon fiber. The light weight is very attractive to those that desire quicker hands, but do not want to sacrifice on power.

Unboxing: The Volair Mach1

Jason Aspes from The Kitchen unboxes the inaugural paddle of Julian Arnold’s paddle brand, Volair. The Mach1 uses T700 carbon fiber and is the paddle Julian has been playing over the last few tournaments of 2022.

Champ Chat: Julian Arnold

Champ Chat takes a look at the players perspective of championship matches. In this episode, we talk with Julian Arnold after his victory of Hunter Johnson at the APP’s SunMed Hilton Head Island Open.