Collin Johns: Elite Status

Collin Johns is the #1 rated Men’s Doubles pickleball player in the world. He and his brother, Ben Johns have won 5 PPA titles in a row and there is no signs of slowing down their absolute dominance on the court. Collin joins the Kitchen to discuss his new paddle, the Electrum Model E Elite, the paddle drama around delamination, how moving to Austin, TX has improved his game, and his thoughts on MLP.

0:00 Intro

0:55 Electrum Model E Elite Launch

1:35 The Ben/Collin partnership

4:45 Discipline in shot selection

5:50 Setting up Ben

8:20 Rivalry with Riley and Matt

10:15 Rally scoring

14:15 MLP

18:00 Partnerships on tour

21:30 Tennis players in Pickleball

24:30 Where you live matters

26:30 Moving to Austin

30:00 Drilling v rec play

31:00 Technology and equipment

34:50 Wardrobe choices

36:30 Electrum and Thermoforming

40:40 Confidence in pickleball

44:00 Working on getting better

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