Leigh and Anna Leigh Waters: Rising Tide

Leigh and Anna Leigh Waters sit down to discuss all the success the mother-daughter duo had in 2022. We also delve into Leigh’s injury, new partnerships for Anna Leigh, paddle technology, and AL shares what it feels like to be the most dominant player in the sport at the age of only 16.


0:00 Intro New Kitchen Konversation Podcast

1:35 Leigh and Anna Leigh Waters

2:40 Foray into pickleball

6:16 The maturity of a fifteen year old

7:46 Anna Leigh’s competition

11:36 Dominance + Pickleball IQ

13:40 Coaching from the bench

17:06 Coaching The 5’s in MLP

19:36 New partnership with Anna Bright

27:36 Paddle Technology

34:16 Mother/Daughter relationship

36:05 State of pro pickleball

38:15 Tennis and soccer background

41:21 ACL

43:36 Leigh’s wardrobe

44:35 Transition from playing to coaching

47:04 Christian Alshon

51:20 Pickleball growing pains

55:05 Training

57:36 Team Waters

58:35 Getting to 5.0

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