MLP Atlanta Recap

What we learned and what it means MLP’s Season Two kickoff in Atlanta was simply awesome. There was so much exciting and high level play that it was exhausting just trying to keep up with it all. Huge congratulations to not only the Orlando Squeeze on their victory, but both MLP and PPA leadership for …

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MLP Saturday Preview

What to watch for on Saturday Challenger: We are down to two teams in the Challenger League. The top two seeds through pool play have remained the favorites as The SoCal Hard Eights and the Vegas Night Owls will play for the championship today at 2pm. The Hard Eights are constructed really well, with two …

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America’s Game

Divisions and differences seem to dominate the headlines. Part of this is because without friction, it is hard to get our attention. These media companies understand that the more turmoil there is, the more money they make. They are in the business of feeding us the drama. Meanwhile this approach tears us apart, pushes us …

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