The Drop: Impressive Sock (Ep8)

The Kitchen Podcast Network presents The Drop, hosted by Anna Bright and Dylan Frazier. Two of the top players in the world provide their take and offer insights into the game of pickleball and what is to come in this sport. In Episode 8, Anna and Dylan look back at Dylan’s success at PPA’s North Carolina Open, discuss all the moves at the Challenger level in MLP, Jack Sock’s success, and Vivian Glozman’s debut on the PPA Tour with Anna.

1:37 Full Time Content Creators

2:24 The Big Topic -Mr Sock

4:03 Anna Leigh

5:18 MxD Match: Anna Leigh Waters/Jack Sock vs Anna Bright/James Ignatowich

6:06 In MD – McSock Error Fest

6:51 Sock Singles – Jake Kusmider

8:05 MLP : Where does Sock Get Drafted?

9:48 He’s Got Quite A Mouth

10:59 How many men could AL win mixed with? DJ Young?

12:41 Vivian Glozman

13:44 Anna – My Volley Whiff

15:37 MLP, Bay Area Breakers

17:52 WD Bronze Match

19:15 Vivian: Only Cross, Only Cross

20:36 15 Item Loosely Organized Priority List

21:15 Congrats To Yana Grechkina/Lauren Stratman

21:37 Tyler Loong/Tyra Black Shout Out

22:52 Will Dylan/JW Bounce Back? Out For Blood? Heart to Heart?

24:37 MLP Challenger Pick-ups

32:55 Parting Thought

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