Filming Wraps on Pickleball Competition Show

Contestants and text relating to Pickleball Kingdom's reality show, Pickleball Paddle Baddle, with DIGA Studios logo

The pickleball reality show from the Pickleball Kingdom Club, titled Pickleball Paddle Battle, has wrapped filming and will be produced by DIGA Studios.

Hosted by Clayton Echard, pickleball fan and star of Season 26 of The Bachelor, the competition show pits 16 contestants against each other over a 7-day competition that will ultimately crown two winners - one male, one female.

Winners will receive a one-year Pickleball Kingdom sponsorship contract which covers up to 20 U.S. events entries plus travel, lodging & per diem cash.

"We will award two pro contracts based on play and we will grant two Pickleball Kingdom franchises based on the audience's vote," says creator of the show and Pickleball Kingdom CEO, Ace Rodrigues.

"So, it's a type of dual competition show that's never been done before."

Filming of Pickleball Paddle Battle TV show

What Pro Pickleball Couldn't Do?

While we love watching pro pickleball events, one thing the community has rightly pointed out about them is that the overall level of production quality is inconsistent.

At a time when we really need to see high level pickleball succeed and grow in viewership, having a show like this with professional-grade production, audio and video quality, and commentary should help make competitive pickleball more accessible.

DIGA Studios will produce and spearhead the distribution of Pickleball Paddle Battle, leveraging its network and industry expertise to place it on a major network or digital platform, according to a press release. 

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The studio is known for producing Teen Wolf, Hot Ones: The Game Show and the upcoming Eminem documentary STANS.

Pickleball Paddle Battle promises to captivate viewers with its fast-paced gameplay, captivating personalities, and compelling storytelling.

You can see a preview of the show and learn more about the cast here.

DIGA Studios is taking meetings regarding distribution.

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