Mother's Day Paddles to Up Her Game (or Yours)

Mother's Day Paddles to Up Her Game (or Yours)

Pickleball may bring the world together, but moms keep the world together. It’s an important distinction.

In honor of all the wonderful moms out there, we bring you our favorite paddles for this joyous Mother’s Day weekend.

Double Black Diamond Control - Cherry Blossom 

The Double Black Diamond from Six Zero is just as good-looking as it is functional, with a just-right grip, precise control, and enhanced spin. It makes for an incredible upgrade. If you haven't heard of Six Zero yet, become familiar because they are making some incredible paddles.

Tyson McGuffin Magnus 3 14mm

Next we have the hot new Tyson McGuffin Magnus 3 from JOOLA. We all know Tyson loves wearing his pink, but more importantly, he loves elongated paddle shapes and handles. Combine that with JOOLA's propulsion core technology, and you've got a paddle that's perfect for adding power and finesse to your shots.

Bantam ALW-C 12.7

Anna Leigh Waters isn't just the best female player...she's widely regarded as the best player, period.And she's part of the best mother-daughter pickleball duo of all time, so it's only appropriate to include her paddle. Play like ALW with the PT-700's balance of power, spin, and flexibility.