Waters/Johns Fall to Anna Bright and Andrei Daescu

Waters/Johns Fall to Anna Bright and Andrei Daescu

The pro pickleball world witnessed history unfold this morning as Anna Bright and Andrei Daescu achieved what many deemed impossible - they toppled Anna Leigh Waters and Ben Johns in a gold medal match. 

Even more remarkable: they did so without conceding a single game.

Seeded at number four, Bright and Daescu staged an awe-inspiring performance, outmaneuvering the top-seeded Waters and Johns with scores of 11-3, 11-9, 11-3 to clinch the title. 

See the final point here (scroll right): 


The matchup marked Bright and Daescu's debut as partners in a PPA event, with Daescu filling in for James Ignatowich, who is currently recuperating from a shoulder injury. 

For Waters and Johns, accustomed to dominance on the court, the defeat served as a stark reminder of the sport's unpredictability. It marked the first loss for the Waters/Johns duo in nearly a year.

Weather conditions added an extra layer of complexity to the encounter, with gusts of wind favoring Bright and Daescu.

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Despite a fleeting opportunity for Waters and Johns in the second game where they held an 8-4 lead with the serve, Daescu and Bright swiftly regained control.

We’ll have more analysis on this historic match once PPA Tour has uploaded it in its entirety. Stay tuned.

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