We're Looking for a Director of Operations!

The Kitchen is a growing company, and we need someone to be the right-hand person to our CEO. We're searching for a Director of Operations who has strong leadership skills and the ability to approach business with a creative point of view. The Director of Operations will lead our team of high-performing professionals to be efficient, productive, and effective. The ideal candidate has extensive experience within our industry or in startups, preferably having worked their way up to an executive role. We believe this trajectory helps a person develop a unique mix of business and management expertise, plus proficiency with the practices, policies, and procedures of our industry.


  • $60,000-$90,000 annual salary
  • Equity in The Kitchen based on relevant experience 
  • Up to 20 days paid vacation/personal days off annually
  • All the free pickleball swag and gear you could want
  • Opportunities to meet not only the stars of the pickleball world, but also hobnob with celebrities we have established relationships with such as Jamie Foxx, Drew Brees, Rob Gronkowski, etc.
  • A chance to get owned on the court by me, Jared Paul, aspiring pickleball superstar (currently 4.191 DUPR)!

Director of Operations Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with CEO in setting and driving organizational vision, operations strategy, and hiring levels
  • Translate strategy into actionable steps for growth, implementing organization-wide goal setting, performance management, and annual operations planning
  • Oversee company operations and employee productivity, building a highly inclusive culture that ensures team members can thrive and that organizational goals are met
  • Ensure effective recruiting, onboarding, professional development, performance management, and retention
  • Analyze internal operations and identify areas for process enhancement
  • Implement business strategies and plans that align with the short- and long-term objectives developed in tandem with CEO
  • Oversee operations, HR, and accounting, and partner with CEO in sales management so that sufficient investment capital can be budgeted for near-term growth targets
  • Manage capital investments and expenses aggressively to ensure that the company achieves investor targets for growth and profitability
  • Monitor performance with tracking software and take corrective measures when necessary, and prepare detailed updates and forecasts
  • Build and maintain trusting relationships with key customers, clients, partners, and stakeholders

Important Leadership Traits

  • Three or more years of experience in executive leadership roles
  • Excellent leadership skills, with steadfast resolve and personal integrity
  • Understanding of advanced business planning and regulatory issues
  • Solid grasp of data analysis and performance metrics
  • Ability to diagnose problems quickly and foresee potential issues

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