Pickleball-Playing Firefighters Nearly Hit by Runaway Car

Firefighters rush to save a driver who crashed their car nearby

Imagine you're taking a well-earned break from your firefighting duties, playing some pickleball outside of the station, when an errant speeding vehicle comes hurtling in your direction.

That's exactly what a few servicemen experienced during an incident earlier this month outside Tempe Fire Station No. 3.

Fox10 Phoenix reports that within a few seconds, a speeding vehicle hit a fire hydrant and crashed into some nearby parked cars.

You can see in the video below how fast the players needed to react as they thought the car would continue in their direction:


Thankfully, these are first responders we're talking about. After the car comes to a halt, they scramble to safety extricate the driver, providing emergency medical care and potentially saving the driver's life.

Fox10 reports none of the firefighters were hurt and that investigators determined the driver suffered a medical crisis during their drive.

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