Our Favorite Paddles for Power

ProXR Zane Navratil Signature

Zane Navratil Signature Pickleball Paddle—a true game-changer. Boasting an innovative carbon fiber face, this paddle delivers unmatched power with every swing, whether you're unleashing smashes or executing delicate drop shots. But it's not just about power; precision and control are equally prioritized. When at the kitchen, you feel as though you can manipulate the team on the other side. The paddle's carefully crafted design and responsive feel ensure consistent and accurate shots, empowering you to dictate the pace of play with confidence.

Endorsed by Zane Navratil, a respected figure in the pickleball community known for his skill and passion, this paddle represents the pinnacle of performance and craftsmanship. With Navratil's approval, you can trust that the Zane Navratil Signature Paddle is engineered to push your game to new heights and leave opponents wishing they were using this paddle.

Six Zero Double Black Diamond

The Six Zero Double Black Diamond Control 14mm Middleweight Carbon Fiber Paddle is a powerhouse on the pickleball court. With a middleweight design, this paddle offers exceptional stability without sacrificing maneuverability. Its great swing weight allows for excellent movement, while the carbon fiber face ensures crisp, powerful shots with every swing, making it a top choice for players who demand finesse and strength. Six Zero, based in Australia, pioneers its own designs.

This paddle hits hard yet provides the feel you need, thanks to innovative materials. Using it instills confidence in your drives, putting opponents on their heels with its power. A must-have for players seeking superior power and control, the Six Zero Double Black Diamond Control 14mm Middleweight Carbon Fiber Paddle elevates your game, making every shot count.

Joola Ben Johns Perseus CFS 16

The JOOLA Ben Johns Perseus CFS 16 Pickleball Paddle is one to watch on the court, delivering great power and precision. Crafted with innovative Carbon Fiber Surface (CFS) technology, this paddle ensures every shot is infused with incredible power. Named after the legendary player Ben Johns, it's no surprise that this paddle packs a punch. What sets the Perseus CFS 16 apart is its ability to balance power with control.

The paddle's larger sweet spot and optimized weight distribution allow players to unleash aggressive shots without sacrificing accuracy. Whether you're smashing winners or executing finesse shots, this paddle provides the confidence to dominate the game. It offers great feel at the kitchen line and great power on counters and speed-ups. Its ergonomic design and comfortable grip ensure maximum comfort and control during play. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, this paddle is designed to elevate your game to new heights.

Paddletek BANTAM ALW-C 14.3

The BANTAM ALW-C 14.3 by Paddletek is the pinnacle of pickleball paddle engineering, offering an exceptional blend of power and precision. This paddle stands out for its ability to deliver explosive shots while maintaining control.

What sets the BANTAM ALW-C 14.3 apart is its remarkable power, making it a great choice for players seeking to dominate the court. With each swing, this paddle harnesses energy efficiently, resulting in thunderous smashes and controlled drives that keep opponents on their toes. These paddles hit harder than most, aiding players in staying on top of their opponent. A testament to its quality and performance, the BANTAM ALW-C 14.3 is the paddle of choice for Anna Leigh Waters, the number one female player in pickleball. Her endorsement speaks volumes about the paddle's effectiveness at the highest levels of play.

Beyond its power, the BANTAM ALW-C 14.3 also offers exceptional comfort and durability. Its grip and lightweight design ensure players can maintain peak performance throughout intense matches, while its sturdy construction guarantees long-lasting reliability.

Engage Pursuit Pro MX - Elongated

The Pursuit Pro MX paddle is a game-changer in the world of pickleball, boasting cutting-edge design and premium materials that set it apart from the competition. Crafted with Raw T700 Carbon Fiber, this paddle delivers unparalleled power and performance on the court.

What truly distinguishes the Pursuit Pro MX paddle is its exceptional power. Unlike most paddles on the market, this paddle harnesses the full potential of its T700 Carbon Fiber construction to deliver explosive shots that leave opponents stunned. Whether you're executing blistering smashes or precise volleys, the Pursuit Pro MX paddle ensures that every shot is infused with unmatched force.

This paddle at the kitchen line allows great precision that makes the opponent feel as though they have less time due to the new core they have created. The feel you get with this paddle is amazing whether you are at the baseline or at the kitchen; this paddle will definitely change your game for the better. The elongated design of this paddle provides players with added leverage and control, making it easier to generate power and accuracy with each swing. Combined with its RAW T700 Carbon Fiber face, the Pursuit Pro MX paddle offers a level of performance that surpasses most others on the market.