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Double Black Diamond Control

Double Black Diamond Control

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Paddle of the Year for 2023: The Double Black Diamond

The Six Zero Double Black Diamond Control 14mm Middleweight Carbon Fiber Paddle is a powerhouse on the pickleball court. With a middleweight design, this paddle offers exceptional stability without sacrificing maneuverability.This paddle has a great swing weight allowing great movement. The carbon fiber face ensures crisp, powerful shots with every swing, making it a top choice for players who demand both finesse and strength in their game. Six Zero is located in Australia taking on their own designs. 

This paddle is one that hits hard but gives you feel when you need it. The materials that are used in this paddle show great innovation to the sport. As you use this paddle you will feel confident in your drives putting your opponents on their heels when they see the power this paddle has.

The Six Zero Double Black Diamond Control 14mm Middleweight Carbon Fiber Paddle is a must-have for players seeking superior power and control on the pickleball court. With its exceptional construction and responsive feel, this paddle will elevate your game to new heights, making every shot count.

Product Specs

Registered Approval Body: USA Pickleball

Face material: Japanese Toray 700K Raw Carbon

Length: 16.3” / 413mm

Width: 7.5” to 7.7” / 192mm to 196mm

Core Thickness: 0.63” / 16mm OR 0.55" / 14mm 

Grip Length: 5.5” / 140mm

Grip circumference: 4.125 - 4.25” / 104.5mm - 108mm

Average Weight:   8.1 ounces / 230gm +/- 10gm         

Swing Weight:  113

Twist Weight:  6.8    

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