Two Sides Emerge in the Pickleball Ratings War

Rival pickleball rating systems are about to engage in battle

USA Pickleball and UTR Sports have announced a partnership establishing UTR as the technology, software, and ratings partner of USA Pickleball, which includes their events, tournaments, leagues, and recreational activities.

This is interesting because UTR comes from the world of tennis and is relatively new to the world of pickleball, but does have a strong reputation as being a leader in the world of tennis.

This announcement comes just a week after DUPR announced a similar partnership with UPA, the newly formed entity overseeing the PPA Tour and Major League Pickleball.

With this decision, USAP is vacating their antiquated rating system, UTPR, which was not able to keep up with the times.

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This was never more apparent than at last year’s USAP’s National Championship in Dallas where players with DUPR 5+ ratings were being forced to play in 3.5 brackets.

It is good to see USAP ripping the band aid off and making a decision to go with something other than UTPR. However, it feels like we are in for another battle with UPA siding with DUPR and now USAP choosing to go with UTR.

  • DUPR is better positioned in the marketplace, having a couple of years head start in pickleball
  • That doesn’t mean UTR can’t mount a viable defense and compete for the crown
  • When it comes to ratings, the sport would really benefit from having a single rating system as there is enough confusion in the marketplace as it is

We hope this is a case of good old fashioned capitalism and the competition makes them both better, catering to the needs of the players and organizers of tournaments, leading to a better experience for us all.

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