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ERNE Steath Black

ERNE Steath Black

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One of our favorite pickleball products ever! A must buy to improve your drilling. 

The future of Pickleball training machines for all skill levels...

ERNE is focused on players and contains a substantial array of drills and shots that support customization in terms of speed, spin, elevation and sweep.

Unique to the ERNE is the ability to support either a battery or AC power to drive the machine, so you can have endless hours of drilling without the worry of a power source. With it's long-life battery, you can play for 3 continuous hours. Both machines also come with a simple remote control (at no additional cost) that allows the player to pause and start operations from a distance, making it incredibly easy to make adjustments from either side of the court.

The array of throwing options includes 25 different default drill types and 28 unique court locations that can be selected using just a finger.

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