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Triple Black Diamond Paddle - The Willinator

Triple Black Diamond Paddle - The Willinator

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The Long Awaited 

After strong demand from our Community Six Zero is proud to announce our first custom elongated paddle shape to market.  The unique patent registered shape combines the brand defining Six Zero flared design in an extra-long body.  We have teamed up with well-known online reviewer Pickleball Will.  When Will first tested this paddle, he instantly fell in love.  His enthusiasm was the tipping point to release this paddle to market - the Willinator was born! 

18K Carbon Textured Surface

We have paired 18K Japanese Toray Carbon with the Willinator Shape.  The Triple Black Diamond is our third face material selected for the Diamond Series - and our hardest hitting material.  18K has an ultra-fine weave which contributes to additional stiffness and strength.   Tried and tested, this works well across an extended paddle surface, providing an optimum balance of power to control.  The pop off 18K carbon is stiff and crisp.  The feel is distinct.   And as a concluding note, the 3D weave pattern adds a cool elevated aesthetic.

Top Tier Spin

We have developed our own nano-engineered peel play texture to take your spin Next Level.  Expect consistent spin levels above 2000 RPM.

State-of-the-Art Production Techniques

Crafted using our advanced multi-stage cold and hot mold process technology, the Black Diamond Series represents the pinnacle of high-performance sports engineering. This labour intensive process guarantees a paddle of unmatched quality and durability, tailored for competitive play.  Our factory composite knowledge sets the industry standard.  All our paddles are hand laid up using propriety techniques unique to our factory.

Custom Patent Registered Shape

The Willinator has a unique spade-like design.  The extra-long 16.6" body is paired with a wide top section.  This creates a broad sweet spot in the top 1/3rd of the paddle, resulting in high torque-power generated from the 6" long handle.   This paddle is designed for big powerful strokes.  The boxier shape has a higher Swing Weight compared to our existing range, a deliberate feature for those looking for a higher Twist Weight paddle in combination with an elongated shape. 

Carbon Fusion Edge Technology

Our Carbon Fusion Edge Technology redefines paddle robustness, durability, and responsiveness. A lightweight carbon seam fuses the top and bottom faces of the paddle, enhancing the structural integrity and amplifying the sweet spot. This technology ensures a consistently tight and crisp feel, enhancing your play with every shot.

Premium Honeycomb Polymer Core

Six Zero uses a premium high strength, high density polypropylene core backed by a six-month guarantee.   The Willinator performed best with a 15mm thick core.  We found the perfect marriage between a stiff 18K carbon face material, a long and wide paddle shape and a core thickness that facilitates power whilst not compromising control.  The 15mm shape also results in a modest Swing Weight allowing great plough through the air.

3D Carbon Thermoformed Extended Handle

Maximize your strength and on-court performance with our 3D carbon thermoformed handle. The carbon face and fusion edge technology extend the entire length of the handle, melding under intense heat and pressure to form a single, unified piece. This construction significantly reduces vibration for a comfortable, responsive playing experience. The 6"extra-long handle with a tapered neck is ideal for double backhand players, providing an enhanced sweet spot at the paddle neck.

Exclusive Neoprene Cover
Each Double Black Diamond paddle comes with a custom Six Zero neoprene cover, protecting your equipment in style.

Product Specs

Registered Approval Body: USA Pickleball

Face material: Japanese Toray 700K Raw Carbon

Length: 16.6” / 413mm

Width:7.4” to 6.9” / 189mm to 174mm

Core Thickness: 0.59” / 15mm

Grip Length: 6.0” / 152mm

Grip circumference: 4.125” / 105mm

Average Weight:   8.1 ounces / 230gm +/- 10gm     

Swing Weight: TBD

Twist Weight:  TBD

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